Salt Lake City aka SLC is the capital city of Utah State in the US, having a population of 200,133 mark in 2020 and the 117th most populous city in the country. Recently, many have raised a concern about packages or letters coming from the address PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah. This article is dedicated and has information about the same. It covers information like associated company, email, phone, website, and so on. 

About PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah

By September 2021, there had been multiple instances where numerous people were receiving unidentified packages. While many have left these packages unopened, they are still curious to know what the mysterious find could be. What if the box has something dangerous? Or stacks of letters from the past? Or could it be some trash? Or gold and diamonds? Well, we can’t tell for sure what product the package holds; although there’s a common gift most people are receiving. 

PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah suspected owner information 

According to many search operations held by commoners, it was found that PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah has some associations with Buildwest Inc., which can be the possible owner. Meaning that any packages coming from that particular P.O. box have Buildwest Inc. as its sender. Now, there’s not much to worry about if you are somehow connected to this sender. But if the theory comes out as false, the sender is probably somebody else and not identified. For any doubts, you can also connect directly with Buildwest Inc. to have better transparency.

Why P.O. Box 17316 Salt Lake City, Utah? 

You must have heard people emphasizing the P.O. box quite often. Given below are a few reasons, why you should consider that as well: 

  • Privacy Protection: A p.o. box can be wonderful if you’d like to keep up with the privacy. That’s mainly because such boxes can hide the residential address for you. Perhaps, a simple step but can be effective in keeping yourself safe from identity theft or worst cases unwanted visitors.
  • Secure Package Delivery: It is not uncommon for thieves to steal packages, especially if they appear attractive. Such cases have increased with the growth of online shopping. To be on the safer side, using a P.O. box can be a great step. 
  • Reliable Mail Handling: P.O. boxes get special treatment, with professionals handling them mostly. On the other hand, mailboxes aren’t taken care of that well and are a threat from vandals. 

Finding the right p.o. box 17316 salt lake city utah

Utah citizens are needless to worry since finding the desirable po box 17316 salt lake city is child’s play. Everything that you would have to do, to find the ideal box is as follows: 

  • Check out which post office offers mailbox services and visit the branch that’s located near you. 
  • Ask the employees there about P.O. boxes and available sizes. 
  • You’ll then be asked to complete a formality and hand out an application form. Fill it up precisely. 
  • Check out the fees and pay according to the duration. 
  • Provide an identification card that is valid and up-to-date. 
  • If everything goes well, you’ll finally receive your own P.O. Box and a key or combination code to access it.

Address of PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah

If you have received mail from PO box 17316 Salt lake city utah then the letter may be sent by Buildwest Inc where you could see the complete address on mail mentioned PO Box 17316 Salt Lake City, Salt lake, UT, 84117-0316. 

In several cases, the details on the content of the letter and directives of the replies will be given by Buildwest Inc. Still,if you are confused about how to reply or the content then you can contact Buildwest Inc. 

Contact Details For the Postal Address

If you have any concern about the mail you receive from PO Box 17316 situated in Salt Lake City Utah then you can use the below written details to contact Buildwest Inc.

Other address: Salt Lake City Utah

Phone number: 801 273- 9404

Thus, there is no website or email address found so, you can use these details to get in touch with Buildwest Inc. it is recommended to make an independent inquiry as per the instructions and details mentioned in the mail.

Why you should not discard cards by PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah

Another common parcel, coming from PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah is cards. Many have now revealed that they received the cards, but immediately threw them away. They probably assumed the product to be useless, but regretted it shortly after. That being said, here are the key points on why you should keep them safe instead: 

  • Time-Sensitive Offers: A very common strategy that companies use is sending such cards, which are mere promotional material. Simultaneously, potential clients can explore limited and special discounts. Discarding the same means that you lose out on an amazing opportunity for exclusive offers. 
  • Important Notices: Other than promoting themselves or their products, organizations find it easy to disperse cards having critical information. The kind of information can range; from policy changes to account updates, event invitations, and other opportunistic things. 
  • Personal correspondence: There is a small chance that the package you get includes a greeting card or personal letter. Such may turn out to be valuable to you, so discarding them without having a look is not something we recommend. Plus, the sender could be disappointed at your ignorance

Keeping the cards safe: Other than not discarding the cards that you receive in the mail, you should strategize ways to keep them safe. The first thing is to check if the card is located in a safe place or not. If not, place it somewhere safe. Choose a personal safe if the card is of high value. Simultaneously, take note of the sensitivity of it and avoid sharing information with others. 

In case you are referring to debit or credit cards, do not share any kind of information with anyone. There have further been instances where scammers engage in phishing to extract sensitive data. So, try to be far away from fraudulent emails or calls that appear suspicious. 


The mystery of PO box 17316 Salt Lake City Utah and the sender is partially unveiled, while there persists a bit of uncertainty. Many have now believed Buildwest Inc. to be the anonymous sender of the packages. There’s a 99% chance for it to be true, and for the 1% doubts — you can ask it straightforwardly from Buildwest themselves. They are based in Salt Lake City Utah and have 801 273-9404 as their contact number. Unfortunately, the company has not provided any email address or website details; so there’s little clarity about the situation. 


Q1. What was the mystery revolving around p.o. box 17316 salt lake city utah?

Ans: The mystery surrounding the entity associated with p.o. box 17316 salt lake city utah, UT, 84117-0316 is to identify the owner or the organization that is linked to this address.

Q2. How does that mystery get solved?

Ans: The mystery was resolved by an investigation and research into the address, where it was revealed this address is associated with Buildwest Inc. 

Q3. Why is it crucial to verify the mail received from this address?

Ans: The verification is essential to get the authenticity and the safety of the material or correspondence you received. Make sure to confirm the content and the instructions individually that are given in mail got from this address to to ignore the potential risk and have security.

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