In the vast landscape of Australian skateboarding, one brand has been making waves and flipping tricks since its inception—Plan B Skateboards. While the global skate culture has seen numerous brands rise and fall, Plan B has managed to carve out its own niche in the Australian skate scene. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the history, impact, and current status of Plan B Skateboards in the land Down Under.

The Genesis of Plan B in Australia:

Plan B Skateboards made its debut in the Australian market during the late ’90s, a time when skateboarding was steadily gaining traction as a subculture. The founders, driven by a shared passion for the sport, set out to create a brand that not only resonated with the local skaters but also contributed to the growth of the community.

The brand quickly gained popularity for its innovative board designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional skate deck aesthetics. Plan B skateboards in Australia commitment to quality and performance became evident, and their boards found favor among both amateur skaters and seasoned professionals.

Cultural Impact:

As Plan B Skateboards established its roots in Australia, it played a pivotal role in shaping the country’s skateboarding culture. The brand’s team riders became local heroes, influencing a new generation of skaters to pick up their boards and hit the streets. Plan B’s impact extended beyond the skate parks, permeating into mainstream youth culture.

The brand’s influence on fashion, music, and art became undeniable, turning Plan B into more than just a skateboard company—it became a lifestyle brand. From the iconic Plan B logo to the graphics adorning their decks, the brand’s visual identity became synonymous with the rebellious spirit of skateboarding.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

Plan B Skateboards in Australia didn’t stop at creating high-quality boards; the brand actively engaged in collaborations and partnerships that further solidified its place in the local skate scene. Collaborations with local artists and musicians brought a unique flair to their limited edition decks, creating collector’s items that were as much about artistic expression as they were about functionality.

Additionally, Plan B fostered partnerships with skate parks and events, sponsoring competitions and supporting local skate initiatives. By actively participating in the community, the brand solidified its connection with skaters of all levels and ages, contributing to the overall growth of the Australian skateboarding scene.

Evolution of Board Technology:

Over the years, Plan B Skateboards has not only maintained its commitment to pushing the boundaries of design but also to advancing board technology. From experimenting with different materials to collaborating with industry innovators, Plan B has been at the forefront of creating boards that meet the evolving needs of skaters.

The incorporation of cutting-edge technology has not only enhanced the performance of Plan B boards but has also contributed to the brand’s reputation for producing durable and responsive decks. Skaters across Australia have come to rely on Plan B for boards that not only look good but also deliver a superior riding experience.

Plan B Today:

As we step into the present, Plan B Skateboards continues to thrive in Australia. The brand has evolved with the times, embracing digital platforms to connect with its audience and showcase its latest releases. Social media has become a powerful tool for Plan B to share the stories of its team riders, engage with fans, and stay connected with the ever-growing skate community.

Plan B’s commitment to authenticity and passion for skateboarding remains unwavering. The brand continues to release new collections, collaborating with emerging artists and pushing the boundaries of design. With a diverse team of riders representing different styles and disciplines, Plan B remains a dynamic force in the Australian skateboarding landscape.


In the world of skateboarding, where trends come and go, Plan B Skateboards in Australia has stood the test of time. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a cultural icon, the brand’s journey reflects the enduring spirit of skateboarding in the land Down Under. As Plan B continues to inspire the next generation of skaters, it remains an integral part of the vibrant and ever-evolving Australian skate scene.


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