Whether you’re an experienced globe trotter who’s visited many foreign regions or you’re planning to start exploring the world, there’s no doubt that you are eager to visit your next bucket list destination

Nevertheless, it’s crucial that you are prepared for your flight, stay and any situation along the way. With this, we have listed ten essentials you won’t regret investing in for your global adventures. 

International Medical Insurance

International medical insurance is the perfect policy for anyone who’s planning on jet-setting around the world. Because your regular health insurance policy probably doesn’t provide international cover, this policy will safeguard your finances should you need medical care while abroad. These medical policies provide benefits for emergency evacuation, routine checkups, and much more. 

It is important to compare a few policies to find one that meets your needs and budget. You can start your insurance search by figuring out what kind of coverage you need, researching top insurers, comparing benefits and exclusions, and finally, comparing costs and reading the fine print. 

Travel Personal Hygiene Kits

While you will only need one international health insurance policy, investing in a few travel-sized personal hygiene kits is worthwhile. These kits should fit in your carry-on luggage. They contain essential hygiene products like mini toothpaste, face wipes, sanitizer, a toothbrush, and a bit of tissue. 

These items will come in handy when you hop off your flight at your destination or on a cross-over stop and want to freshen up a bit. With this in mind, it is also wise to try to fit a clean shirt in your carry-on luggage. 

Disinfectant Wipes

The pandemic might be over, but viruses, bacteria, and countless germs hang around in airports and, well, everywhere. As a result, it’s wise to carry disinfectant wipes whether you’re traveling the world or not. Even though there’s no longer an impeding concern about COVID-19, it’s still best to wipe down your luggage and your hands every so often to prevent falling ill while away. 

Packing Cubes

One of the biggest frustrations for any traveler is packing. Undoubtedly, you won’t want to underpack, but overpacking can be just as disastrous for any trip abroad. 

Instead of struggling to fit everything into your luggage, consider investing in packing cubes that help organize your luggage. With these nifty cubes, you’ll be able to pack more into your bags without them bursting at the seams. 

Power Bank

International flights can span over fifteen hours, depending on where you are headed. So, it is essential to pack some entertainment into your carry-on luggage. A good book or two, a headset, a smartphone, and a power bank can get you through your flight without boredom. 

The best power banks will offer a few hours of charge to keep your phone on for the duration of your flight. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds are a worthwhile investment for anyone who enjoys feeling encased in their music. But they’re even more worthwhile for globe trotters who spend hours on international flights. 

If you have a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones, you won’t need to worry about toddlers fussing, babies crying, or anything else. 

Comfortable Footwear

Anyone who flies often knows that jet-setting is not a fashion show. Lengthy international flights can make some outfits entirely impractical. You won’t want to find yourself regretting your outfit halfway through your flight, so it’s essential to dress comfortably. 

Invest in comfortable, quality sneakers or walking shoes to keep your feet from aching after endlessly walking around airports to find your way. There is no need to spend a fortune on shoes, but you won’t regret investing in a pair of quality shoes that you can wear every day as well. 

Neck Pillow

Sleeping on a long flight is not always easy. Even with noise-cancelling headphones, there is still the issue of uncomfortable seats and lack of foot space. Fortunately, you can boost your comfort while jetting off to your destination in a few ways. 

Pack in a memory foam neck pillow, and you’ll find it much easier to get a bit of rest while on your flight. 

Quality Luggage

If there’s one thing a globe trotter should never cheap out on, it’s luggage. Your luggage will carry everything you need for your trip. So, if your bags should fall apart or tear while being transported, it could spell trouble for your stay abroad. 

Spending on quality luggage is a great idea. Quality luggage will last longer, and you can rest assured your belongings will be extra safe. Quality luggage is also easier to carry. 

Passport Holder

Lastly, a passport holder can keep your passport safe and in good condition. You can store boarding passes and other travel documents in your passport holder. These holders are pretty affordable and easy to find.

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